Trevor Coyne

Founder & Head of Growth

Gabriela Ziółkowska-Coyne

Co-Founder & Chief

Olga Szepelak-Denes

Chief People Officer

I don’t count days, I am trying to make days count. Helping others develop, watching them grow and thrive is what gets me up every morning. For more than eight years now I’ve been assisting people in their professional development, building teams, training and hiring. Outside of OpsTalent, besides the passion for HR, I am Scandinavian mystery novels freak.

Małgorzata Rabiega-Maciaszek

Head of CC Projects / Project Manager

I believe that passion is the driving force in life and the greatest source of motivation. As a head of projects, I am always dedicated and involved in achieving goals as well delivering professional services. Being a part of a project means that I am present and oversee its progress every day by building a good business relationship between clients and our teams. After a busy day at the office, I spend most of my time working on my own musical project as a singer and songwriter or enjoying various mountain sports, especially climbing and hiking.

Piotr Ubysz

IT Project Manager

I have two big passions in my life, one of which is sport. Right now I focus mostly on basketball and lacrosse, which turned out to be my favourite disciplines. As for the technology, it wasn't that obvious as for a long period of time I was sure I'd be a lawyer. Eventually I changed my mind and I definitely don't regret that. I'm a very open person who seeks action, but when I want to rest, I always choose some secluded places.

Magdalena Malinowska

Inspector of Excellence

I am in charge of maintaining the quality of the Opstalenters' performance at the highest level. I also take care of projects as a team leader. I lead an active life and enjoy capoeira, tango and horse-riding. The eagerness of exploring the world makes me permanently plan trips to feast my eyes on enchanting landscapes. In my free time, I read books, often taking human’s brain, ethnology or travelling as a topic.

Małgorzata Glinka

Head of Happiness

Whatever I do, I do with engagement and positive energy. I believe nothing is impossible and out of reach as long as one is persistent and has a goal. After 25 years spent in Denmark, I am somehow a warrior. My life credo is: You might bend, but you won't break. Positive thinking is present both in my professional and private life. As a team leader, I do my best to spread this vibe around my colleagues in OpsTalent. Even though my daily schedule is quite busy, I try to find time for my family and hobbies: writing poems, drawing and painting.

Katarzyna Kowalewska

Project Manager

In my world sentence „This is impossible” does not exist. Everything is possible, but it needs from us courage, curiosity and willing to do this - this is the way in which I can also describe my management and work attitude. For projects which I lead word „impossible” has got no place at all.
I always try to support my team that they could have a similar attitude as mine and that we could build for our clients big and spectacular things.
After hours I’m into music production, IT and jogging - those help me to keep my mind open and full of ideas which I can use at work.

Joanna Laska

Head of OpsLab

I have been working for OpsTalent for over 3 years. I love challenges and sport, and I believe that exercising keeps you and your brain fit. Plus, I am a big fan of volleyball, swimming and bike riding. My passion is Japan and its language. I like travelling as this way you can explore not only the world but also yourself.

Aleksandra Tomaszewska

Head of First Impressions

I am a creative ’always on the move’ person and my biggest passion is balet. Just like in balet, in both my personal and professional life I constantly aim for perfection. I organize awesome corporate events, support the HR team and make sure everyone feels welcome here. I also love pizza and classical music.

Kenneth Coyne

Business Growth Channel Partner

IT Management Consultant with extensive international experience in project management and business consulting. Began his career in Finance (C.I.M.A qualified) but quickly discovered a natural flair and passion for all things I.T. Fields of expertise include Banking, Telecoms, Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries. Outside of Opstalent he enjoys spending time with his family, keeping fit with boxing and sampling local Belgian beers in Brussels. Lives by the motto “it’s all about the balance”

Krzysztof Świerczyński

Head of ICT
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