OpsTalent started in 2012, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since.

We set out to shake up the outsourcing industry by building a business that not only sought to bring bright, smart, curious and talented people together or to obsess about customer delivery and continual innovation but one that first and foremost was going to live it’s culture and values each and everyday.

Further, we believed that by doing all these things that the results would follow and so we began and have never looked back.

And what’s more: we have a lot of fun doing it.

We owe huge thanks to our clients and all our team at OpsTalent for joining us on this awesome journey while all the time striving to reach ever higher and further in building the company we love.

Key Statistics


2016 May

Official launch of new rebranding and website merging the tech services and multi-lingual customer care websites into one.

2016 April

Sign lease for new centre of excellence facility in Wroclaw
to accommodate more than
200 new OpsTalenters.

2016 January

More than 15 nationalities delivering in over 20 languages

2015 October

Technology division goes from strength to strength with the signing of major blue chip Nasdaq client.

2015 MAY

Opening of new satellite sales office in Dublin, Ireland.

2015 February

Launch of new
technology division.

2014 October

We expand our efforts to drive business growth with the opening of our London sales office.

2014 JUNE

Amazing growth - now serving clients in more than seven countries : US, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, France & Germany.

2014 February

We formulate our culture code that becomes our bible.
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2013 October

OpsTalent switches to market leading cloud-based customer contact platform: Altitude.

2013 june

We headhunt our new operations director from Microsoft with Olga Denes joining the leadership team.

2013 February

Krakow office opens to not just provide full redundancy and backup but to also give access to its highly acclaimed talent pool.

2012 november

New HQ premises in Wroclaw that inspires and motivates. Stunning former 18th-century german cotton production facility with more than 10,000 sq.feet of open plan workspace, exposed red brickwork and original wooden beams. A real find!

2012 August

We secure our first blue-chip client providing multi-lingual customer care for Ubisoft, the second largest gaming company on the planet in eight languages.

2012 JULY

OpsTalent is founded by Trevor Coyne and his wife, Gabriela Ziolkowska - Coyne. We dream big!

Be true to our
culture always
Unrelenting commitment
to innovation and learning
We love people,
We love life
A winner never quits and
a quitter never wins
Obsess over
our customers