The 12 Types of People Who Wreck Your Meetings

Who doesn’t enjoy a good, productive meeting?

At times it seems to be all but a luxury, as all it takes for a meeting to devolve into a downwards spiral of unproductive doom is just one person.

Oh you definitely know at least one such person, presumably more than one.
We’re speaking about those who make meetings unbearable, bordering on miserable.

Weekdone’s latest SlideShare introduces the types of people who kill the productivity of your meetings. Get to know them in order to easily contain them, well before they manage to sabotage your time and suck all the productivity out:


Positive Reinforcement Works Wonders

Have you noticed how most quality-monitoring systems overly focus on things agents do wrong?

You most certainly did, but what can you do to change it? The negative scoring schemes need to be counter-balanced by positive reinforcement tactics.

The benefits of positive reinforcement are often undervalued but in the long run they’re vastly more important than negative scoring.

If you spot agents doing something right, highlight it.

The agent will feel appreciated, and you will be able to highlight areas he needs to improve in without causing stress, thus driving positive change. Everybody wins 🙂