The business world is not immune to the force of globalisation and new trends pave the way for new opportunities.

Technology made our lives easier and its seemingly endless capacity makes it possible for people and organisations to connect in ways never dreamed possible. New venues and communication channels are advantageous to business endeavours but also provide challenges, ones which continue to shape the customer care landscape.

Tech-enabled interactions enable people to collaborate over long distances, thus digitally but also tangibly shrunk the world.  Multilingual contact centres are at the forefront of new communication trends and are able to tap into this potential and enrich the customer experience.

The whole process has changed as it’s no longer as simple as it once was, simply providing a service or selling a product is not enough as demand for implementing a coherent, effective and personalised customer journey is impossible to ignore. Brands need to ensure that every customer interaction is pleasurable, convenient and as a result, leaves a lasting impression.  Thus, turning a customer into a loyal brand advocate.

Multilingual, social media enabled customer care centres are the driving force behind customer experience change as they serve as a company’s ticket to success in today’s fast-moving, digital world.


Customer diversity is a fact

If you had to describe “The Customer of Today” what qualities would he poses and which traits would be essential for you to tap in order to provide a positive customer experience?

Today’s customers are first and foremost, highly mobile, constantly on the move and connected. Second, due to the popularity of e-commerce sites as well as their international reach more people are using their services.

Last but not least, global purchasing power has always been highly decentralised but the free movement, as well as e-commerce solutions, amplify this phenomenon and as a result, you’re dealing with customers from all over the globe.

All of the above factors influence the convergent of multiple cultures, which is quite the conundrum for businesses as each customer relationship needs to be nurtured differently. If you want to remain relevant, not to mention competitive you need to embrace this diversity with all the challenges it brings. This includes accommodating all your potential customers, no matter the language or culture.


Language is personalisation

Providing customer care services in your customers’ native language is the ultimate form of convenience as you make them feel special and show your appreciation for their culture (and part of the market). Most importantly, it clearly and vividly shows that you genuinely care about them as your company adjusted to their preferences and needs.

Multilingual contact centres are actively pursuing new ways to build strong customer relations, which makes them the perfect business partner in achieving your customer experience goals and building a personalised customer journey – no matter the language or geo-location.


Eliminate any barriers

If your end-game is to establish a global legacy then you have to do away with cultural and language barriers. In order to build loyalty and nurture relationships, you need to understand your customers, which can only be done if you master the art of effective communication. Which can be quite the daunting task when attempting to do it on-site as not every company poses the operational capability of that magnitude.

Social media enabled contact centres to excel at establishing,  maintaining and facilitating high-quality relationships between brands and their target audience. Social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and microblogging platforms (Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat), due to their instantaneous nature allow for real-time communication 24/7 but also enable enterprises to build real relationships with their customers by showing what’s going on behind the scenes as well as tapping into the unlimited potential of viral marketing.


The key to customer satisfaction

Considering my vast experience in the customer care solutions field I will let you in on a secret (pro bono naturally) to company longevity – make your customers happy.

There’s no one more important than your customers, not even shareholders it’s them who are the catalyst to your success. You need to accommodate their needs, provide convenient solutions to their problems and meet them on the communication channels of their choice by taking the proactive approach.

Creating an unforgettable customer experience is just the first step on your path to building lasting relationships with your target market but if you succeed, customers will be coming back for more. They will simply realise that on top of providing a premium product you also provide them with a premium service throughout every step of the customer journey.  Thus, not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations in a way no other company has before you.

But what if you already realise how detrimental to your success, going multilingual is or if you already are tapping into the limitless potential social media enabled contact centres provide?

Then, you probably want to improve your processes or implement best practices which will ensure high-quality customer experience for each and every one of your customers.

I’ve had the pleasure to sit down with my customer care partner, who operates a multilingual centre in Poland and came up with these four basic principles which will strengthen any socially-enabled contact centre:

  • Quick and personal: Response times matter as they are the main selling point of providing customer service through social media networks, however, in your pursuit of the fastest response time you cannot allow yourself to lose sight of how essential personalization is. Drop the robotic, pre-scripted, near automaton sounding tone, even if it means slower resolution. Make your social media response quick, personal while maintaining company tone.
  • Lead by example: Only excellent leadership breeds excellence in service. Communication tone and style are only as good as the advice provided to your consultants by their managers. Remember, attitude is everything.
  • Tools of the trade: Multilingual customer care centres have adapted so well simply because they emphasised employee training more than their traditional counterparts. The ever-changing social media landscape demands that everyone, from agents, through team leaders, to managers be up-to-date with the latest social media trends as well as knowledge on how to apply it in customer service situations. The only way to achieve that goal is to embrace continues improvement and train your employees even more –don’t stop, ever.
  • Collect feedback: Proper methods of feedback collection are essential when maintaining a socially-enabled contact centre. The best approach (for both parties involved) to solicit feedback is short customer surveys, as they ensure you’ll get a response from a customer; ask quick, essential and most importantly, actionable questions, ones which will enable you to pinpoint key problem areas as well as highlight possible improvements in your overall processes. Just do not turn them into a tax return form and you’ll be fine.

However, what about the sceptics oblivious to the benefits socially-enabled contact centres provide?

Well, we think it’s only fair to provide them with basic benefits going multilingual and embracing social media as the customer care channel of the future provides and let them be the judge:

  • Monitor mentions: Build complete customer history by measuring your brand mention volumes; personalised to accommodate each and every customer. Thus, ensuring agents are seeing the full picture before responding.
  • Real-time response: Leverage the power of instantaneous response times social media platforms provide and enact upon the customer need for urgency. Depending on the value of the customer as well as the volume of mentions regarding a particular case you can dedicate an individual or an entire team to handle a certain case and respond to customer enquiries in real time on behalf of your brand.
  • Always be there for your customers: By harnessing the power of social media management you’re capable of answering customer enquiries 24/7, almost at the same time they ask them; overnight, on weekends and even during holidays. A dedicated socially enabled customer care team provides an always-on solution: from monitoring, through engagement and problem recognition, to a successful resolution.
  • Brand engagement: Pro-actively engage your customers by leveraging the capabilities social media monitoring tools provide. Keep in mind that not every success story started from a positive experience so do not be afraid to engage negative opinions. Embrace failures but don’t forget to learn from them and fix the underlying cause.
  • Build awareness: People trust their peers more than anyone else, which is why harnessing the power of online “word of mouth” is so highly sought after by enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Building and maintaining a reputation for timely response will turn your customers into brand evangelists; increasing your reach and further spreading your customer experience “gospel” to friends and family members.
  • Invest in customer lifetime value: Nurturing existing customer loyalty is more beneficial than new customer acquisition through targeted paid advertising. Keeping your current customers happy, will increase the likelihood of them staying with your brand, spending more money as a result but also providing free advertising on your behalf.
  • Free feedback is the best feedback: Social media networks provide you with free and actionable feedback in the form of likes, comments and shares. Previously collecting such vast amounts of insights would require costly surveys or focus groups but social media changed the rules of the game and as a result levelled the playing field for everyone. You instantly know if your campaign is a success or is it going viral, which makes tweaking easier than ever before.

Multilingual customer care companies empower global brands by widening their reach through omnichannel solutions and implementing cloud services.

Opting for a multilingual approach opens new possibilities for your company and amplifies your customer service efforts, while simultaneously allowing your brand to penetrate emerging and dynamic markets and disrupt stagnant sectors.