Middle managers are responsible for key operations at the core of your business.

They possess the knowledge of what works best for your company versus areas which need improvement.

Thanks to their deep understanding of operational requirements it’s crucial to include them in the decision-making process when considering outsourcing the part of the business they are responsible for.


Engage and reassure

Engaging middle managers in all the details of the outsourcing process will be beneficial in the long run. Remember, they are “the middle-man”, and communicate with agents and other front-line employees, so it’s crucial to keep them up to speed at all times. Such actions will reassure them of how much you value their work as well as build trust.

Let’s not forget about the vast operational knowledge middle management has, it’s about time to use it.


Trust the management team

Capable managers realise that thanks to the operational knowledge they possess and experience in the field they are irreplaceable and will take steps to protect their position in the company if they feel their job may be at risk.

When planning for outsourcing include as many levels of mid-tier management as you would normally include in strategic planning sessions.


Achieving success

To achieve lasting change, you need to understand the specific “political” situation of each and every business team and department. Managers with access to corporate intelligence will be hard to replace.

Ranging from department heads and senior managers to program leads on major projects, they will contribute to the management change effort in a constructive and positive way – all you have to do is keep them in the loop.