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We are a "culture is everything" organisation that not only obsesses about customer delivery, innovation and being true to our culture and values but one that is on a mission to become the partner of choice for the world’s most innovative companies.

To do that, OpsTalent is building itself around a team of special people whom are not just on mission but are part of a community that is sharing a journey, who look out for each other, share, care, educate and most of all, are driven to make a difference in their own life and in the lives of others.

We are one big family that punches above our weight.

OpsTalent is one big family where progress is the norm. We pull together and help each other get the most from our career and lives. In fact, in 2015, one in six people were promoted.

We grew as a business by over forty percent and made valuable contributions to the communities we live in through our 80:10:10 program which gives ten percent of annual profits to our democratically selected charities while sharing the other ten percent with our teams of talented people.

Life at OpsTalent

Talented, diverse and passionate, OpsTalenters are building and supporting products and services that touch millions of people everyday. We head home each day knowing we have made a difference.

Together, we’re redefining an industry in desperate need of a shakeup.

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Well-being at Work

We have a big focus on health and well-being at OpsTalent running courses, sharing ideas and inspiring each other to live a more productive, stress free, healthy and purposeful life. Additionally, we provide subsidised gym membership.

Daily Food & Snacks

Don?t worry if you come to work hungry, we try to keep our food bar stocked with nice food and goodies for you to devour and that includes teas and coffees that keep you pepped.

Learning and Development

At OpsTalent, you can customise your career trajectory through our development programs. Our orientation program, OpsOne, will set up to thrive and excel in your new role. Additionally, each OpsTalenter has the option to participate in a variety of peer-to-peer learning opportunities to get the most out of themselves.

Money Wise

While not the only aspect of working for a company that really values you, we offer very attractive renumeration packages with the ability to grow and prosper quickly for those that shine. There are no-limits, only the ones you set upon yourself.

Taking Time Off

At OpsTalent, we do our very best to be flexible with your holiday time to enable you to get the rest and relaxation you need to thrive. We are also very supportive of any team members that need flexitime to complete studies or to pursue their passions.

Parties, Off-Sites & Happy Hours

Life at OpsTalent would not be the same if we did not share a common belief that work should be fun! We frequently have kick-ass parties, off-site events and even happy hours and free drinks every Friday. Celebrating your work and bonding with your colleagues is a priority for us at OpsTalent.

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